Bart Cooreman


Department of Psychology
Øster Farimagsgade 2A
1353 København K

Office: 03-4-401a

Primary research areas

Throughout my bachelor and master studies I developed a ‘specialization’ (i.e. to the extent that it is possible as student) into the domain of visual perception, being involved in (1) a an fMRI project on bottom-up and top-down communication in the visual system (de-Wit, Kubilius, Wagemans, & Op de Beeck, 2012), (2) a Theory of Visual Attention (TVA) based project on attentional capacity limitations of the visual system (Petersen, Kyllingsbæk, & Bundesen, 2012), and (3) a single-cell project investigating neural selectivity in Inferior Temporal (IT) cortex of macaque monkeys (Popivanov, Jastorff, Vanduffel, & Vogels, 2012). Without having gained any publication out of these projects, involvement in these projects offered me the opportunity to study visual perception from many different perspectives (e.g. from stimulus selectivity of single neurons, functionality of brain regions, towards mathematical modeling of effects on the psychological level).


My current PhD project is part of the Marie Curie funded INDIREA project on diagnostics and rehabilitation of attentional disorders, with a focus on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in my individual project. Using a TVA-based approach, we investigate how mechanisms of visual attention are altered in ADHD, how these differences relate to observations in EEG (e.g. can we find biomarkers for ADHD?), and how we could use this information to improve diagnostic tools. It builds upon my general interest in fundamental brain mechanisms, but acts within a more applied context (i.e. ADHD research) than the projects I was involved in during my education.    


(*Note that the cited articles give an idea about the projects, but I’m not an author or co-author of these articles).



de-Wit, L. H., Kubilius, J., Wagemans, J., & Op de Beeck, H. P. (2012). Bistable Gestalts reduce activity in the whole of V1, not just the retinotopically predicted parts. Journal of Vision, 12(11), 12.

Petersen, A., Kyllingsbæk, S., & Bundesen, C. (2012). Measuring and modeling attentional dwell time. Psychonomic bulletin & review, 19(6), 1029-1046.

Popivanov, I. D., Jastorff, J., Vanduffel, W., & Vogels, R. (2012). Stimulus representations in body-selective regions of the macaque cortex assessed with event-related fMRI.NeuroImage, 63(2), 723-741.