Inge Wilms


Department of Psychology
Øster Farimagsgade 2A
1353 København K

Office: 3, 03-4-406
Phone: +45 353-24866
Phone (Reception desk): +45 353-24800

Primary research areas

  • Understanding brain plasticity and common elements that stimulate and controls the different types of plasticity
  • Cognitive rehabilitation and the special conditions of teacing the injured brain
  • Computerbased cognitive rehabilitation including use of games technology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality

In my research I try to understand how training may affect brain plastcicity and assist the functional recovery of cognitive skills after brain injury. I study elements like the effect of intensity in training (how often and how long time), the method of feedback (how to provide feedback to the right cognitive function) and the way the level of difficulty in the training must progress in order to stimulate brain plasticity. Teaching an injured brain a skill, it did well before injury, perhaps require a different understanding of skills learning than the development of new skills.

My work involve the development and use of computer-based technology such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality both in diagnostics and therapy.

Other areas of research include implicit learning, learned non-use, the special conditions for brain plasticity, implicit learning, associative learning and neural network.

Current research

Basic elements common for the activation and control of brain plasticity including:

  • Intensity in training (frequency and length)
  • Adaptive level of difficulty in training. Which logic provides the best results?
  • Feedback and the way it is provided to the trainee
  • Computerbased cognitive rehabilitation. Special considerations in the use of IT in rehabilitation to get en effect of training.
  • Adaptive training. How machine learning algorithms may be used to adapt level of difficulty in training to the individual progress of the trainee.
  • Improving diagnostic tools for neglect using computerbased tests.
  • Constraint Induced Therapy, CIT, CILT


  • Brain plasticity - cognition, constraint  induced therapy, aphasia, neglect
  • Rehabilitation research
  • Rehabilitation and computerbased technology including games, virtual reality, artificial intelligencel
  • Human-Computer Interaktion 
  • Applied cognitive psychology including robotics, architecture, traffic, tools 

Areas of interest

In addition to the above mentioned research areas I am very interested in philosophy and the history of ideas and thought. In particular how our knowledge and understanding of the brain have evolved over time.

Robot technology is another field of interest both with regards to the technical aspects and to the ethical and moral aspects of human interaction with the intelligent machine. Healthcare robotics strengths and weaknesses. 

Curriculum vitae


2012 PhD at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen

2007 Master of Science in Multimedia Technology and Games (IT and Learning) from the IT
           university of Copenhagen, Denmark

2005 Bachelor in Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2004 Bachelor and minor in Informationspsychology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

1993 HD, part 1, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

1989 IBM Mangement Education

1988 IBM Software Engineer i Database, operating systems and compiler products

1978 Academy Foundation Degree in Business and EDP, Copenhagen Business School


2011                   Postdoc at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen. 

                           Daily leader of BRATLab (Brain Rehabilitation and Research using Advanced Technology Laboratoty)

2008 -  2011       PhD fellow on a joint grant from the Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury and
                           the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 -                 Researcher, Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury, University of Copenhagen,
                           Denmark. Specialization: cognitive neuroscience and computer-based

2005 - 2007        Independent advisor and consultant within the field of information psychology
                           and human-machine interaction.

2005 - 2006        Research assistant at the Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury, University of
                           Copenhagen, Denmark.                 

2004                   Assistant teacher at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, 

1997 - 2003        Corporate IT director at Satair A/S responsible for global strategic IT

1994 -1997         Director of international department in IBM reponsible for business development 
                           of technical internet trade solutions.  

1988 - 1993        Head of software development department and IT operations in the software
                           engineering department of IBM Denmark. Responsible for the IBM global
                           Common Corrective Service System.

1984 - 1988        Advisory software engineer in database products in IBM Denmark A/S 
                           (Nordic specialist).

1984 - 1984        Stationed in i California in IBM's database development department

1978 - 1984        Software engineer in operating systems, database and compiler products in 
                           IBM Denmark A/S.

1978 - 1978        Programmer in Handelsbanken (now Den Danske Bank).