Thomas Habekost


Department of Psychology
Øster Farimagsgade 2A
1353 København K

Office: 03-4-416b
Phone: +45 353-24860
Phone (Reception desk): +45 353-24800

Primary research areas

  • Research on visual and attention processes: experimental studies and theoretical modeling.
  • Cognitive deficits after brain damage.
  • Assessment of attention in healthy and clinical populations

Current research

  • Reading disability (pure alexia) after stroke
  • Assessment of attention in various neuropsychological populations (e.g., children with ADHD)
  • Interactions between arousal and selective attention

Curriculum vitae

MA, Ph.D.


2013-              Professor MSO of Cognitive Neuropsychology, Dept. of Psychology, KU

2011-2013      Associate Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Dept. of Psychology, KU

2008-2010      Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology, KU

2006-2008      Postdoc, KU Priority area "Brain and Mind".

2005               Postdoc, Dept. of Psychology, KU.

2002-2005     Ph.D. student, Dept. of Psychology, KU.

2003              Visiting scholar, Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK.

2001              Research assistant, Dept. of Psychology, KU.

2001              Research assistant, Neurobiological Research Unit, Danish National Hospital.

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